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Prevent headaches before it happens with Houseplants.

Prevent headaches before it happens with Houseplants.

Nature is a gift that keeps on giving!
House plants not only brighten up a dull room, they can also cure headaches and aid hangovers! Although we close our windows to prevent pollution from entering homes, we're actually trapping in stale and musty air. And the stuffy, stale air can be a common cause for headaches! Houseplants work hard to filter and replenish your home with crisp, fresh air, making every breath feel like you're on top of the Swiss mountains. Sans the yodeling in the background, of course. 
Fun Fact: Various house plants have been proven to reduce carcinogen levels in space. NASA conducted a study to see if house plants could remove carcinogens. For the research, scientists placed plants in sealed chambers then pumped in benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene–chemicals that are known carcinogens. Within 24 hours, the various plants that observed and helped reduce the carcinogen levels down to 90%.

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