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It's getting cold! Please don't forget to add WINTER SHIPPING PROTECTION to your orders if average daytime temps drop below 50°F
PSA: Please add add WINTER SHIPPING PROTECTION if average daytime temps drop below 50°F

about House Plant Dropship 

Originally working out of the humble house selling all types of house plant related items, HousePlantDropship was launched in 2019 to service plant entrepreneurs. Turns out, selling plants online can be fun and profitable. With investments made in shipping infrastructure and integration systems, HousePlantDropship plans to be the ultimate destination for plant businesses.

Today, we still treat every order with the same care as we did working out of the small backyard and garage we started in, except for now the plants are kept and shipped from our greenhouses.

We work with a small group of plant farmers around Southern California and Florida to Dropship Plants Nationwide. Southern California and Florida have the optimal climate to grow healthy, strong plants. With the help of our team and distribution infrastructure, you can rest assured that the customer will receive a healthy thriving plant all year around.

How it works

 Once you have an order you need shipped, you will simply place the order on your customer's behalf through this website. There are no order minimums. Just order exactly what’s needed and we will ship it directly to your customer. All Packaging is Non-Branded and on the receipt and ship-from info, it will say “Your Plant Order.”

To get started, please submit an application to start an account. Applications are usually approved within a week of submission. We do not require anything from you other than your name and business information. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll be able to log in to and view prices and place orders. Any questions should be emailed to and we will get back to you quickly during the Monday - Friday work week. (9:30AM - 6:00PM PST)

Please note starting September 1st, we are implementing a $30 per month membership charge to all users of the House Plant Dropship Program.

Ordering Process

We have two options available depending on the volume of orders you have. If you have a high volume of orders (more than 25 per day) we have an automated solution in place. Don't worry, if you are not at that level yet we have a manual option that works great while you grow your customer base.

If a Dropship Customer reaches somewhere around $50,000 in sales (paid to Houseplant Dropship) in one month, we are open to working out a deal in terms of a discount on dropshipping orders.

Manual Order Process 

Manual Process: (Recommended for 25 orders or less per day.)

Implementation Cost: Monthly Membership Fee - $30/Month

Ordering Process: (Less than 25 Orders/Day): Once you have an order you need shipped, you will simply place the order on your customer's behalf on this website. Just be sure to enter the correct customer's shipping address. If you have multiple orders to process at once, there is an option to split up the order and ship to multiple addresses. This is useful if you have multiple orders to process.

Inventory Tracking: It will be up to you to export our inventory file and import it into your online shop. Our inventory is constantly changing and for best results we recommend updating it 3 times daily. You can download the latest inventory whenever needed through this link, so you can update your shop:

Bulk Updating Prices Through Shopify Video Tutorial
Dropshipper Retail Price Calculator
Inventory File
Inventory Updates Video Tutorial

Automated Order process

Automated Process: (Recommended for 25+ orders per day, but at least 10 orders per day required to begin integration process) For high volume stores, we offer an automated solution by connecting you to our platform. This will allow automated inventory syncing and order management with little to no manual work on your end.

Implementation Cost: $1,999 One-time setup fee plus $30 to $60 Monthly App Fees.

Ordering Process: Your shop will be connected directly into our system so that orders are automatically sent to us as they are placed. 

Inventory Tracking: The inventory on your shop will be synced in real time with ours. There will be no need to export or import inventory files throughout the day. The risk of overselling plants is drastically reduced. 


We try to price our plants as competitively as possible. We see our dropshipping partners making a 30%-40% margin while keeping prices competitive within the market. We will continue to lower costs of shipping and plants as we grow and we hope to pass the savings on to you!

Plant(s): You will be charged the price listed on the website + shipping charges which are based on weight.
- 4" nursery potted plants - 1lb (with heat pack ≈ 1.5lbs)
- 6" nursery potted plants - 3lb (with heat pack ≈ 3.5lbs)

Shipping: Charges based on the product weight total for each shipping location.

0.01 - 0.75 lb = $7.50 shipping
0.76 - 1.00 lb = $9.00 shipping
1.01 - 1.51 lb = $11.00 shipping
1.51 - 2.00 lb = $15.00 shipping
2.01 - 5.00 lb = $19.00 shipping
5.01 - 8.00 lb = $24.00 shipping
8.01 - 12.00 lb = $29.00 shipping
12.01 - 16.00 lb = $35.00 shipping
16.01 - 20.00 lb = $41.00 shipping
20.01 - 40.00 lb = $55.00 shipping
40.01 - 50.00 lb = $98.00 shipping
50.01 - 60.00 lb = $130.00 shipping
60.01 - 70.00 lb = $150.00 shipping
70.01 - 80.00 lb = $178.00 shipping
80.01 - 100.00 lb - $210.00 shipping
100.01 lb and higher = Freight order, please call (949) 304-1286

How do you get charged? 

Depending on how you are processing your orders through us will determine how you get charged.

Billing for Manual Order Entries: You will be charged in real time as you place your customers orders on our website. When checking out for each manual order you will have the option to pay with Credit Card or Paypal.

Billing for Automatic Order Sync Stores: You will be charged monthly for the orders incurred during that time period. An invoice for the previous shipping month will be sent around the 10th of every month, for final approval and payment via electronic invoice.

How do order issues get resolved?

We try to fulfill orders accurately and carefully as possible. We sometimes see issues occur with orders (ep. damaged in transit) and we understand plants can be delicate items to ship. Read more on our Shipping/Refund Policy.

Customer Complaints:

Please email a picture and order number of the order with the issue and we will manage any refunds and replacements that might be necessary. 

Address Changes:

Please email as soon as possible with the updated address. Orders usually ship within 24-48 hrs.

Digital Assets 

We understand how daunting the task of getting the digital assets for your digital store can be. We want to make it easy for to list and sell plant products online so you can focus on growing your business.

We will give you access to a Dropbox folder with listing photos we have available. You are welcome to use these for the items that we ship on your behalf. 

          Product Photos        

20743 Future Farm Dr, Mount Dora, FL 32757

  • (949) 304-1286