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PSA: Please add add WINTER SHIPPING PROTECTION if average daytime temps drop below 45°F

Schismatoglottis 'Thailand'

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  • Botanical Name: Schismatoglottis 'Thailand'
  • Common Names: Thai Schismatoglottis
  • Description: Schismatoglottis 'Thailand' is a species of flowering plant in the family Araceae, native to Thailand. It is a tropical perennial that typically grows up to 1-2 feet in height, and has glossy, green leaves with prominent white veins. The plant produces a spadix with small, greenish-yellow flowers that are surrounded by a maroon, hooded spathe. It is an easy to care for plant that can be grown in containers, as well as in garden beds, provided it is given ample shade and moist soil. Schismatoglottis 'Thailand' is known for its ornamental foliage and is commonly grown as a houseplant or as a part of a tropical garden display.