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PSA: Please add add WINTER SHIPPING PROTECTION if average daytime temps drop below 45°F

Philodendron 'Burgundy Princess' (Reverted Pink Princess) - B-Grade

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  • Botanical Name: Philodendron erubescens Burgundy Princess
  • Common Names: Burgundy Princess, Reverted Pink Princess
  • Description: The Philodendron Burgundy Princess is a rare easy-care plant with awesome burgundy heart-shaped leaves with some pink variegation. Note, that each Burgundy Princess is unique and displays a different amount of pink, which also changes over time. You can help this philodendron to grow colorful new leaves by giving it plenty of indirect sunlight.

*May or may not show signs of pink variegation. Some people have had luck reverting back to pink princesses under ideal light conditions.

*B Grade Plants: Leaves may show minor signs of damage.