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Please don't forget to add WINTER SHIPPING PROTECTION to your orders if average daytime temps drop below 45°F
PSA: Please add add WINTER SHIPPING PROTECTION if average daytime temps drop below 45°F

House Plant Dropship Billing

Billing House Plant Dropship App

Welcome to Houseplant Dropship! We understand that clear and transparent billing is crucial for your business operations. In this comprehensive guide, we will explain the billing structure of our app, ensuring you have all the information you need to manage your expenses efficiently.

Charges per Order

You, the merchant will incur charges for each order processed through our app. These charges are composed of three main components:

1. Product Costs

The first component of order charges is the product cost, which corresponds to the price you pay to the supplier for the products you sell. The actual product cost varies depending on the supplier and the products you source through our platform. It is essential to review and select your suppliers carefully to optimize your profit margins.

2. Packaging Fees

Packaging fees cover the cost of packaging materials and the labor required to prepare your orders for shipping. The specific packaging fees will vary depending on the size and complexity of the items in each order, but are 

3. Shipping Fees

Shipping fees are the charges associated with delivering your products to your customers. These fees are influenced by factors such as the shipping method selected, destination, and the weight and dimensions of the items in the order. We offer a range of shipping options to ensure timely delivery while allowing you to manage your shipping costs effectively.

Invoicing and Billing Method

Billing for your use of our Dropshipping Shopify App is designed to be seamless and efficient. Here's how it works:

- **Monthly Invoices**: On a monthly basis, we will generate invoices based on your app usage and order charges for the preceding month. These will be sent to your email with a link to pay via your preferred method.

- **Invoice Details**: Each invoice will include a detailed breakdown of your monthly app fee, product costs, packaging fees, and shipping fees for your reference and records.

Example Order Invoice:

Hoya Heart

 SKU Item Cost Shipping Cost Packaging/Labor Cost Total
3_HOYA_HEART $7 $4.15 $2.30 $13.45

For this case, we would recommend pricing this plant at around $25