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Please don't forget to add WINTER SHIPPING PROTECTION to your orders if average daytime temps drop below 45°F
PSA: Please add add WINTER SHIPPING PROTECTION if average daytime temps drop below 45°F


We offer corporate gifting for companies of all sizes. Our gifting services are not limited to corporations and can also be used for weddings, collaborations, goody bags and all other types of events. 


Our website offers the option to ship items to multiple locations. If you have found items you want to ship out as gifts, you can go through our checkout process. You will see a checkbox to split your shipment while viewing your cart. Shipments must be split before you proceed to checkout.

If you have to ship to many addresses and the above method would be to time consuming, please fill out the excel form below and email it to info@houseplantdropship. We will bulk upload the orders for you. 

*You will be taxed unless we receive a seller's permit from you.


Plants can be shipped to each individuals home or can be shipped to one central locations. Pricing will vary based on quantity, # of shipping locations and plant package chosen.


The packages we offer are listed below. If what you want isn't listed please contact us so we can share other options for you.

  • Single Plants in Plastic Nursery Pots
    • Single 4" Plant in Nursery Pot
    • Single 6" Plant in Nursery Pot
    • Single 10" Plant In Nursery Pot
  • Bundles
    • Plant + Planter Bundle (everything you need to re-pot a plant)
      • 4" Plant, 6" Planter, Bag of Soil
    • 4" Variety Pack
      • Assortment of four 4" plants
    • Air Plant Bundle
      • Assortment of 7 air plants w/ spray bottle.
  • Custom
    • We have custom options available. Please complete the form below and select that you are interested in a custom offering. We will have one of our representatives get in touch with you.