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This Plant could make you Rich: 5 Facts about the Money Tree.

This Plant could make you Rich: 5 Facts about the Money Tree.

Lets face it, we’ve all dreamt about winning the lottery; unfortunately, not many of us have actually won. But fret not, we have a product that *might* help you reach your financial goal- the Money Plant aka Guiana Chestnut is native to Mexico, but heavily popular in East Asian countries such as Taiwan and corporate offices throughout USA. Here are some fun facts about the Money plant and why it gained so much popularity over the years. 
  1. Legend has it that a farmer prayed for wealth and was besotted a single Guiana Chestnut, which he grew into multiple trees and sold to become one of the wealthiest man in Taiwan. 
  2. You’ll typically find 5 leaves on each branches, those 5 leaves represent the five balancing elements of earth- Fire, Air, Water, Metal and wood. The combination of these elements creates the perfect harmony and attracts positivity. 
  3. Taking about leaves, if you find 7 leaves on a branch- consider buying that lottery ticket because thats doesn’t happen often (hence the immense luck associated with it). 
  4. But if you really want the luck to kick in, you’d have to steal the plant from someone else garden. 
  5. The braided look isn’t natural, a man named Liu first braided his money plant in 1980’s, and the trend later spread all over world.
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