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Do we need to fertilize our indoor plant?

Do we need to fertilize our indoor plant?

The answer here is yes!

The purpose of feeding is to provide optimal nutrition for your plants. It is effective in preventing your plant from developing brown-spots or yellowing issues. It also can help maintain healthy roots of your plants and encourage strong growth. 

However, keep up in your mind: Fertilizer only plays a medium role as plant supplements. Do not to over-fertilize your plants, always read the serving instructions before giving plants fertilizer. Normally, the plants only need fertilizers when they are growing actively. On other hand, most indoor plants don’t need to be fertilized more than once between March and September. During the short days of winter, plants may experience their resting period so it is not necessary to fertilize your plants anymore. 

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House Plant Shop Fertilizer (Plant Food) - 500ml

  • Organic fertilizer; safe and gentle.
  • Easy to use: dilute one teaspoon of plant food in one liter of water and feed.

Tillandsia Air Plants Fertilizer


Tillandsia Bulbosa Air Plant with Fertilizer Spray


Tillandsia Butzii Air Plant with Fertilizer Spray

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