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Please don't forget to add WINTER SHIPPING PROTECTION to your orders if average daytime temps drop below 45°F
PSA: Please add add WINTER SHIPPING PROTECTION if average daytime temps drop below 45°F
Did you know Indoor Houseplants are healthy for you?

Did you know Indoor Houseplants are healthy for you?

There are numerous benefits of adding indoor houseplants to your home. From stress reduction to improving the air around your apartment or house, indoor plants can improve you and your family's productivity and happiness.

Air Quality
Did you know plants increase oxygen in their surrounding and their root systems effectively remove dirty chemicals in the air? NASA released a study found here that states common indoor plants remove organic chemicals from indoor air. This study was a joint experiment between NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America. 
Stress Releaser 
Being around plants and nature is clinically known to lower stress levels and blood pressure. Being around plants and nature has a relaxing effect on our body's and can calm the soul. By bringing indoor plants around your home, people can use the relaxing effects of nature in the comforts of your own home. A study was even done that shows interactions with houseplants have the same relaxing effect as spending time in mother nature. 
Increase Happiness 
It's well known that indoor plants can improve productivity and creativity in the workplace as well as in your home. Not only will plants increase your productivity and creativity but they are known to make people in a happy mood! 
Overall indoor plants can make a better living environment and it's scientifically proven! Try adding a few houseplants to your workspace and living space and feel the benefits! 
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