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A guide for choosing the right container for your plant.

A guide for choosing the right container for your plant.

I'm the kind of person that bee-lines straight to the Planting & Gardening section- no shame! And what always gets me are those cute pots but are they good for my plants?

Does anyone else think about that? Well, we did some research and here is what we've come up with. 

Choosing the right container for you Plant

1. The importance factor would be the size- matching right containers to the right plant. Size matters here, because unless you've committed you time to transfer your plant every time it overgrows, we suggest that you plan ahead and choose the right size pot. 

The size of container is dependent on the size of the plant. 

  • Make sure that the dimensions of the pot can fit in your plant. 
  • Then choose materials, types and colors, which you like. 

2. The pots should have drainage holes on the bottoms. The function of these holes is to let excess water run out. If the water is stored in the bottom of a pot instead of being drained- it could lead to root-rotting issues and kill your plant. 

3. Don’t forget to clean your pots regularly. Keeping pots clean is helpful to prevent diseases from forming on the plants, and if you plan to reuse a pot- please clean it well both inside and outside. 

Are u still struggling with which pot you should buy? 

Don’t be frustrated. You have us, all of our pots curated to match stylish home decor and have drainage holes on them!

Space Queen Liberty Bell Planter

Blue Cylinder Planter

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Terra Cotta Pot

Steel Planter 

Square Blue Succulent Planter


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